Friday, 15 November 2013


He put me down
When I needed him the most
He cut the tie
And let me go
Deep into this hole of my heart

I fell before
You came and bring light
I got so bright, so high
You were my life
The reason for me to still stand
When again I fell,
I fell crashing
The momentum was huge

Can't you take me back?
Fix this pieces of mine
Levitate this heart of mine
I begged
But till now he is never here
This desert dry me off
There's no love anymore

I'm hoping for the rain
Even for awhile
It doesn't matters
But he wasn't coming
I felt so lonely
No one was there
I'm waiting while tears fell
On this cold cheek of mine
Drenched my sorrow away

But GOD, You were there while he wasn't
My Lord, YOU were here
When he left me
It's a pain now
How I ignored this beauty love of Yours
I was lost with no direction
Forgetting that You were my goal
And forever will you be

Smiling here now
Looking at the past
When You saved me
From the dark part of that love
That hate
From the sorrow that kills me inside
Into this love I rise

~ I'm pale cause you're here~

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