Monday, 4 March 2013

true beauty starts from true love...

Flower is beautiful but not for long..
People used to say that beauty lays on what you use..
Well.. If you use the right clothing on the right occasion..
Then you are beautiful..
Following the fashion is part of it..
That's what they said..
I once thought that way too..
But indeed it's not true.


The beauty of a human lays on who their heart hold on..
Is it on God ? The Almighty?
Or is it another slave?
Because when he/she give all her heart to God..
He/she is the best man on the earth also in the eye of God..
In the eye of the creator..
In the eye of Allah..
Who hold the stages of beauty of the human..
The more we love Him..
The more we see the beauty...
The more he lent us His beauty..
MasyaAllah.. How beautiful He made this life for us..
He ask for nothing yet He gives everything..
The more we ask, the more He gives..

The true beauty actually lays on your love to Allah..
Cause as we know.. as we always hear..
Love solves everything..
For love, we are blind..
For love, we are deaf ..
For love, we are numb..
We can't even do anything..

When we love Allah the most..
We see nothing other then His beauty..
Nothing.. Nothing else..
For His love.. We do what He ask and see nothing.
We see nothing else but the beauty that He's trying to show us..
For His love.. We do what He ask and are deaf for what others says...
We hear nothing but only His beauty summons .. Calling us to His path..
For His love.. We are numb.. for this beautiful world that He made ...
Only for us, The Khalifah

His words are like love letters that we treasure..
His lover.. are also our lover..(the prophet p.b.u.h.)
His commands are never to be forgotten..
We love nobody but Him..

And then.. We start relise that we live for nobody but him..
We eat for nobody but Him..
We drink for nobody but Him..
We breath for nobody but Him..
We even love only for the sake of Him..

We are blessed for His love..
For His mercy..
We are beautiful for the beauty that He holds..
Only He holds....
Not what we wear..
Neither not what we put on our face..
Nor the number of likes we get on our facebook picture..
Only Allah holds the beauty..
Only He is beautiful..

 Dear Muslimah..
Close ourselves more cause that's what Allah love..
Cause that what He loves to see us in..
Cause that is what true beauty is..

Dear Muslims..
Be the best lover..
Be the best in our everyday..
Be the best in you ibadah..
Be the best in what you do..
Cause we don't live in this life alone..
We live with others who also want to be His lover..
His "The Best"..
Why are we acting as if we are so sure that we'll be part of the jannah..?
Why are we acting as if we are so sure that we 'll be able to see the everlasting beauty of Allah?
To see His beauty is the aim of our life..
What is the point of living to end up gain nothing?
To end up fail to see His beauty..
Such a waste we are..

Don't be afraid when we are doing the right things..
Cause only Allah can judge..
Others might says..
Might look with evil eyes..
Might neglect us..
But Allah don't..
He never.. Did..

Don't be afraid that if we do what He ask..
We'll loose our career ..
We'll have no future..
Cause after all...
We are His slave..
We got nothing.. Nothing at all..

Even the small fish in the ocean don't die for hunger..
How could we?
Why don't we believe in Allah..
Said that we loves Him but there is no trust in HIm..
Tell Him everyday that you love Him..
Is that what love is?
Think about it..
We live in this life with everything..
We got eyes.. mouth.. ear.. nose.. legs .. hands..
We are complete..
We are bless.
Don't look at someone with more.
Look at someone with less..
People in Love can survive with less..
Cause their love is true..
Cause they already see the true beauty..

Learn love and we'll find beauty..

May Allah grant us with understanding ..
And forgive us all..
InsyaAllah.. :)

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