Wednesday, 27 March 2013

don't MHRSE and MHLSH..

Allah created everything in this world easy for us.
When Adam was in the heaven, Allah teach everything to him,
when he was lonely, Allah created Hawa,
when they made mistake, Allah forgive them :D
when they was sent to the earth, separated, Allah help them find their way.
and then, there come their children.

When we are born to this world, we have family.
For the muslims, we have the great nikmah, which is Islam.
Then, we learn, we stand, we walk, we talk.
Step by step..
Allah teach us, Allah help us, Allah show us.
Everything was created easy for us.
Why? Cause Allah let it be easy..
You may say it's hard, tough. You can't make it and what so ever.
But, everything will look just fine, just easy, if we realise His love for us.
If we realise his mercy.
If we realise his blessing.
if only, we realise, everything look beautiful.
Allah make everything look easy for us though it's tough. :)

Allah make everything look easy for us but we make it hard.
Let me show you some example..
When a son of age 18 wanna get married, his family said no.
cause he is not old enough.
And when he do haram, his parent abandon him.
See, Don't Make Haram So Easy and HalaL So Hard.

Doing haram is easy.. Very easy.
So, why are we making halal harder?
When doing haram is already so easy?

Let together see another example.
A woman is not hijabihas a daughter which was also not a hijabi.
Her daughter started to practice islam and she wanted to wear hijab.
Her mother did not forbid but she showed her disapprove through her emotion.
And her daughter feel bad about it.
So, she decided not to wear.

See? this happen always.
And we seemed to not have strength to fight for what we think right.
So, let's do it together.
Cause, together we can..!

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