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| KISS | Keep It Simple Sunnah | Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal and the baker

Imam Jawzi wrote about the life of Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal in his book Manaqib Al Ahmad

The most famous man of Islam, Imam Ahmad was.
His jenazah was the largest jenazah.
He died and was buried on the same day.
And he has more then 1.3 million people coming to pray jenazah for him.
1.3 million is a big number isn't it?.

Imam Ahmad used to go around seeking knowledge wrapping his face so that others won't recognize him.
A humble man he was.

As someone who eager in study.. He went to Shams.
On that time.. They didn't have facebook so the others far from him did not recognize him.
So one night, he slept in the mosque.
Noticing the presence of a man, the harith (guard ) of the mosque told him "Get out".
Not knowing that he was Imam Ahmad, he repeated "Get out. Masjid closing"
"I don't know where to go."
He repeated, "Get out, ukhruj!"
Imam Ahmad did not get angry or tell him who he was.  Instead he picked his things and went sleeping on the steps.
When the harith came he said, "Move. Go! You can't even sleeps here."
"Where am I to go? I don't know anything here"
This men did not know who he was messing with. He picked Imam Ahmad by his leg and dragged him to the street and dropped him there.
Imam Ahmad was like OKAY?
Then a baker who own a bakery right across the street came to Imam Ahmad and said,
"You can come sleep in my bakery. tonight I'll be doing some work. You can come sleep here. "
So he widen the way for him.
Imam Ahmad observed this man. He was doing his job. Putting the dough together and put them into the oven and so on.
In everything that he did, he did his Tasbih.
Is was not just for a few minutes. It was for the entire night.
Imam Ahmad was shocked. Usually, people get tired just after a few minutes.
So Imam Ahmad asked him, "How long have you been in this situation?"
The baker replied, "What situation?"
"Making Tasbih to Allah"
"My whole life"
Imam Ahmad asked again, " What have you seen in Allah as the result of all this Tasbih you made?"
But he said" I never made dua' to Allah except for what He gave me."
"SubhanAllah, You never asked anything except for what He gave?"
The baker said,"But except for one thing."
"What is it?" Asked Imam Ahmad.
"To have a chance to see Imam Ahmad"
Hearing that, his tears fell. He embrace the baker and said, "SubhanAllah, here is Allah bringing you Imam Ahmad . He brought you Ahmad dragging him by his feet to your bakery. If it wasn't for you, I would have slept peace at the masjid."

A good story.
We don't have to be doing too many big thing yet there is no consistency..
Cause a hadith narrated by Aisyah, The prophet p.b.u.h. said "The most beloved action to Allah is the most consistence deed even if it is small"
That's why |KISS |Keep It Simple Sunnah |
For the baker, we can say, he is just a baker nothing much, he is not a mufti or any Imam ..
People sometimes look down to saomeone like him..
But he did his Tasbih for his whole life.
It is something simple and consistence..
That's the best.
In every Tasbih, he plant a tree in jannah..
Imagine him doing it for as long as he could remember..
How many trees had he plant..?
How many trees had we plant??

May Allah grant us understanding and forgive our sins insyaAllah. :D

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