Monday, 29 September 2014

I'll be yours. :)

Friends. Just the word itself is tempting. I want to make more of them. I want the whole world to be mine. My friend. We may not be of the same color but it doesn't matter 'cause 'Hi' is all that it take to start one

     My legs keep walking. Walk all over this land of His. Dancing and twirling around to find you. Another friend of mine. Wishing you are walking too. Wishing we will meet on our way to the paradise of His.

     Smile is my clothe, my accessories now. It was always his too. I hope my smile will make your day as his had made others. How his smile melts the hard rock hearts, cleared the path, brighten the dark, moisten the dry eyes. How his smile change the heart of the haters. Your smile spoke for thousand words. Just your smile was enough, so beautiful that no word was able to describe its beauty.

     My arms are open wide for you. Hoping that they will give you the warmth that you needed. The comfort you're finding for.
     There's one thing that I learnt out of friends, out of making more friends.
They say one good friend is enough but for me, friends are never enough. Seeing new faces is what making me who I am. It is what learning is all about. The differences are what completing us. Making us One.

Thanks for being one of mine. :)

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