Wednesday, 30 September 2015

you're my best.

'Sunrise Medan 2015' by dahuq95

I'm always scared of getting broken
Getting hurt or crushed by someone
By others
And whenever I'm scared or broken
I would always run to you
Cry to you
Complaint and sometimes nag to you.

Around you
It felt real
I was me
I didn't have to neither act
Nor be someone else
You made me be myself
It's never unusual for me to be around u

To cry to you
To share my heart broken love stories
To share about my admired Prince Charming
That is yet no where to be found.

Now that you're not around
I realise how precious you were to me.
How I actually took you for granted
How I only take you in when I was in need
But never had I share with you the times
when I'm delighted, happy or in cloud 9.

In the times when I was insecure
You made me a queen of all beauty
In the times when I had fright
You made me a poet with all confidence
In the times when I was blanked with all the problems
You made me a councillor with all intelligence
In the times when I'm lost
You guide me to Him.

You are my very best
Love you and will always do.
May all these days we spent be remembered.

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