Sunday, 27 September 2015


"After 4 years, it is painful for me."
She said that with with a smile. 
Her white cheek turned red. 
"But it's thousand time bearable than the 26 years of hers"
Tears fell from her warm cheek.

'Yes' it should be painful. It is.'
I could say no word. 
No word of comfort. 
My hands moved and rubbed her shoulder hoping that I could comfort her.

"But at least she have all of you."
That hit me like a bullet.
'Will my presence make any difference?'
'Could I wipe away all her tears?'
'Brighten her dark night?'
'Put a smile on her face on these very tearful days?'
'And probably lessen her burden?'
All these questions struck me.

Did I do enough for her?

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