Wednesday, 3 September 2014



We almost forget everything that we did.
Perhaps life is just too short for us.
To even remember what just happened.
A second ago.
I thought I was fine.
Now I'm lying down.
Helpless. Breathless.
Paralyze trying to flash back what just happened.
But nothing.
Nothing is all I see.
Memory is gone.
Appear to me as if I'm living in a new life.
A new born baby.
Just that I have been here before.

Life is too short as this breath that I take.
Now we are here.
Inhale later, I'm gone.
Taken from my head.
My soul is out free.
Free from this humanly insane desires.
Lust for what is wrong.
Hate for what is right.
Ungrateful for what is given.
Ask for more and end up missing the first.

Life is what now is.
Tomorrow is never promised.
But death is awaiting.
Promise that never will be broken.

Just keep going and don't let the past nor the future hunt you down cause He got your back.
Always and forever.

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