Friday, 29 March 2013


Happy Birthday.
Sanah Helwa?
Masaya kaarawan?
Selamat Hari Lahir?

No matter what language it is, it only mean one thing, which is Happy Birthday.
What do 'Happy Birthday' really means?
Have a happy birthday? 
Who cares what it means.
Both words have no particular harsh meaning.
So, it's fine for you to just say it anytime anywhere.

We always hope for something good for our birthdays.
But, it is not the birthday which is important.
What we did through the years of living is what we have to review.
Cause that is what will be ask on the day of judgement.
Not what we achieve but what we did.
Cause we might say,
I achieve a great result in my exam, so that is my achievement for this year.
When the fact is we study less and do nothing cause we are blessed with a high powered brain.
What will be ask is what we do.
The result is just on paper. So?
What change did we do for the nation? 
What change did we do for Islam?
What change did we do for our family?
We did nothing, but we are so proud of  piece of paper.
In the eye of Allah it worth nothing.

Let see this two twins here..
Adib is a girl who is a bit slow. Or maybe I could say way too slow in her study.
But, she struggled, she attended every class. Respected her teachers. Did her homework though her teacher will strike a big cross on the page for she did no right. Help her teachers and friends. She was always humble. She tried her best to help others and let her be the last. It's fine.

But for Husna, she is clever. Maybe way too clever than Adib.
She'll always be the first. She looked down on everyone. She didn't show respect to her teacher.
For her, she need no one, no teacher. She can study by her own. She boast around for her great result. Fooled everyone else and make them feel so depressed. 

Which one would you respect more?
Adib or Husna?
If you are human, your respect will all be for Adib.
Cause she is worth to be respected.
Teachers would love her though she is not that clever.

Achievement is nothing without effort.
Achievement is nothing without good attitude.

Birthday worth nothing if we are just the same person as we were on the birthday before.
It worth nothing when we didn't make a good change for ourselves.
It's okay to start from ourselves first.
Last year, we read Quran every Friday.
This year, it's the same.
What change did we do?
We didn't change. 
We were the same person as last year.
What is our one year worth for?
What did we do to thank Allah for this year that He gave us?
Or, did we ever say thank you? Did we ever praise Him?
Did we even remember Him in our every breath?
We didn't. So, what is our life worth for?
Did we ever think of it?
We asked so much but we did nothing.

Every year on our birthday, we will pray..
Oo Allah, I want a Samsung S4 for my birthday, and please give me that. Not Samsung S3. S4.
Wow, so demanding.
But for return, we did nothing, no thanks, no praise?
What are we worth for?
Why are the life given to us?
Do we not have a mossion?
Did we forget?
How could we forget?
Maybe it's because, we are given so many blessing that we forget everything?
Review ourselves.
Aren't we ashamed to ask for so much that we did nothing?
Aren't you?

So, let's ask ourselves, 'what did we do to thank Allah for this year that He gave us?'
For the life that He gave us.

~For my friend, 
"Sue, Happy birthday, May Allah bless you and help your every step in getting near to Him. Don't get so stressed out cause He is already near, always. May you today is better then you the year before. And may you next year is way better.. Peace~"

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  1. Today is my birthday and I came upon this post. Thank you Allah for giving me a very blessing friend alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah. Keep up the good work. :) uhibbukifillah