Saturday, 16 March 2013

| stars | that's what we are like |

Which one would You wanna be? The bright or the dim?
Tonight, I look at the stars..
Some are so small, so dim that is so hardly seen.
Some are just fine..
Also, some are just so bright.
These stars remind me of us..
We are like stars that want to be seen.
Want to be seen by God.

We can say, "I live in this world as a khalifah"
Oh yes, I know that already.
Everyone is.
If we wanna shine, we gotta do something and stop talking so much.
Cause talking too much makes no different unless we work it out.

Imagine if we are starts.
There are just too many of us.
We can't just stay and do nothing to be seen.
We have to run.
Not just run, cause others are also running.
We sprint.
Sprint to get nearer. Nearer to the One who are watching.
We can't just stay are wait for Him to bring us nearer.

This world are wide that we can't even see the other side of it.
This wide world are filled with humans just like us,
There are too many of us.
All are racing to be known.
To be notice.
To be seen.
We can't be seen unless we stand out.
We can't just be ordinary or normal.
We have to be more.
Not just normal.
We are talking about something universal.
Not among Asian only.
Not among Singaporean or Londoner or Malaysian only..
Or what ever country you are from.

If others pray 5 times a day,
We can't do the same..
We do more..
But not by doing bidah and adding the sixth~
We do the sunnah..
Dhuha, Tahajjud, Rawatib?

If others read quran a page everyday,
We read a Juz everyday,
Don't do 1 half..
There's no big different.
Others can do the same.
 If want to be extra,
Learn the meaning.
That's the best.

We are not playing games now.
We are not in a rehearsal.
We are already in a competition now,
A real big one.
We are competing to get the LOVE of Allah.
He loves us, nothing else matters.
Only the one who He loves would be allowed to see His everlasting beauty.
Don't want to miss that? Keep up the good work!

Islam in still going to grow with or without us helping.
So are you in?
We are not here for fun and watch it growing.
We want to be part of it,
Don't just watch, join in!
 We want to be seen by The Only One Lord,
Da'wah for Allah!

 Like? share it. May Allah bless,

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