Sunday, 3 March 2013

"I want to go to park..."

Promise should not be broken.
Though it is made with a kid who is only 10.
Though it's just a promise to be there for her..
Though it's just a promise that you'll go to the park with her..
Do we have to be that harsh?
Do we have to be that hard?
Don't you pity her?
Pulling her hair ..
Just to cover the real her..
The real kid that was her..
A kid that know nothing.
To a kid.. Playing time is everything.
You can take anything but not her toy..
But not her park..
She did what you ask..
She do study..
But when you take away her game.
When you take away her toy..
Can she study well?
You do nothing to help her in her study but you nag..
Nag as if you did much..
Don't you ever thought of a solution..
Haven't you ever thought of why ?
Why don't she get interested in her study?
Isn't is because you forbid her playing..
Studying 24/7..
She thought that she had no life..
She don't even got interested in religion..
Why are you so arrogant to put everything away?
Neglect everything but acted as if you did everything?
How could you ask somebody else to accompany her when she need you?
You may say you are tired working..
But have you ever thought about her..?
How she is tired of this life..?
Her weekend that you end it with more study..
As everyday..
But when she ask ..
"Can you go with me to the park?"
You scold her and claim that she did not study..
That she did not do well in her study..
When she tried hard but you seemed to not notice..
When she achieve good mark and you seemed to not interested..
There's no compliment..
She was so excited to hear them..
But you say nothing ..
But said that you expected her to be better..
It kills her inside..
And when she nag to tell you how tired she wss you caned her.
She have no one but you..
And now that you are not there she seems to notice that she is alone though she is not.~
Though you are not there..

Help your child, you family..
Though you are tired of work that will never finish..
Though you are the one to find money for everyone of the family..
Even though finding money for everyone of them isn't your responsibility..
Giving her a little compliment and a little time really help her to notice that~
you are there..

That there are someone to be happy for her success..
That she would climb back and be the old clever her..
Even just a hug and kisses everyday..
Even just a few good words from you..
Even just by completing your promise to her..
So that she could climb back..

Thanks for reading..
Do take action..
Stop talking much..
Walk the talk..

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