Wednesday, 20 March 2013

| result | leave it to Allah |

tick tick tick~
"My holiday past by without me achieving anything.
I did nothing , I regret.
The whole holiday was such a waste.
I hope the time would wait for me.
Or maybe, I would return back to the time when i just ended my EXAM?

And now , the result is here~tomorrow.
How I wish the time could just wait or slow down a bit..
Or maybe skip tomorrow?
Just let tomorrow not exist in this week?

Well, suck it up man. Time is time..
It can't stop, go back or forth.
It's just it.
We, human can't even make the grass grow,
How can we make the time stop?
How can we make the time reverse?
How can we make the time skip?
When Thursday is part of the week.
When your hand is part of your body?
Can you pull it off?
Only The Almighty can, We can't.
Just can't..
This weakness remind us that we are nothing more then a human.

Everything in the world follow the order of Allah.
The sun. The moon. The earth.
Even the time do.
So are we acting as if we are clever than God to turn His order around?
I don't think so..

Just use every second that is given to you in the best way.
What is past, don't just let it past.
Learn from them.
"I didn't prepare well for my trial exam. T.T"
If we say that and do nothing,  nothing will change.
Learn from what we did, either it's good or bad.
Knowing that we didn't do our best for our past exam,
We'll have to study the best for the real Exam coming soon.
Make a change.
Crying, talking, mocking, naging change nothing.
Unless if we do something.
Talk less. Work more ..!
Every second is a blessing from God, fill it with the best!

What is past, let it past. Learn from it.
What is coming, work for it!

And for the exam result tomorrow..
We have already sit for the exam..
So, what we can do now is pray and leave the rest to Allah.
He knows well.
He know the best. <3
What we think the best for us may not be the best for us!
Chill, pray, tawakal and wait for tomorrow~
Love ya <3

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