Saturday, 2 March 2013

| YOLT | not once.!

Have we ever heard any of these?
"I'm goin' to buy some chocolate for that guy. Hahahah.. Are you buying for anyone cause tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I'm so excited.."

"Don't you wanna hold his hand?"
Or maybe..

What about these?

"You look really stressed out man. I think i know what u need.. Let's drink."

"Take this drug. I'll give you free. It's the best medicine.. No no. You won't get addicted. I swear. It's just one though"
"Look at that girl she's hot. Don't you wanna have sex with her?"
" You should at least have a boyfriend you know."
"You look gorgeous, hot, sexy. But why are you keeping it from others? Let every one see. Let the guys know "

That is enough of example. Sure, we have been in these situation.
Perhaps once.
Or maybe there was a time when your cousin which is non-muhrim wanna shake hands with you.
And we just don't know what to do. Hesitate.
If we are against these situation, there is nothing for us to scare of or hesitate.
Well, it might be sometime hard to explain.
Sometimes, they put us aside. Neglect us.
For some reasons that they themselves don't know what.
Who cares.. ?
What we have to do is refuse.
Don't get shaken by them cause what we are doing is so right.
If we have the guts, we can explain.
Get neglected? Its alright, cause in the eyes of God.
In the eyes of Allah, we are His fighter.
There is always test for the one He loves cause the more He test us, the more it remind us of Him.
He just don't want us to go far away. He don't want us to get lost.
Getting a test is a blessing.
When you get tested, why don't you say..
"Allah, my love, You failed to make me sad cause I'm fine. I know You love me. So nothing else really matters you know."
That is the best way to comfort us and we'll always remind ourselves that Allah is always there for us wherever whenever.
Don't really mind what others says..
Cause the moment when we start thinking about what others think,
We'll start to put away what Allah think.
Then, we'll slowly pull ourselves away from the right path and deny it.
In what ever we do, Allah is always there to help, to accompany and to comfort us.
So there's nothing much to afraid of.
In this life, they maybe look down on you.
Cause that's what they always say : "We only live once. So enjoy guys. Only once."
Little that they know, we live twice.
This life is a test. An exam.
The life after this life is when we don't die.
We can do what we can't here.
We can celebrate our success of this first life.
As much as we like. We have the time.
They said here (in this first life) " The time don't wait for us"
But in that life " The time don't wait for us either, it stops."
So, we are free to do anything there.
There is no time limit.
No rush.
The best thing in the other life that we aim in these life to achieve is...
That is the aim of this life.
To see the everlasting beauty.
The beauty that no one can defeat.
The beauty that everyone is dying to see..
The beauty that only the FIGHTERS of ALLAH can see.
So are we GAME enough to be the fighter.???
Can we say NO to what Allah say NO?
Can we Do what Allah ASK us to?
Are we among the muttaqin?
The one with true FAITH in ALLAH.???

| You Only Live Twice| not once. so think about it.

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