Tuesday, 26 February 2013

|ALLAH is ar rahim.. :) | islam is the true greatest blessing.|

Yes. It's true that Allah is the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.
Due to that, we are forever blessed.
He give us life that is precious. No wealth, car, gold nor diamond can be compared.
Life is the huge blessing. But, this blessing means nothing if we don't garnish them with Islam.
Life without Islam means nothing. Nothing at all.
Just like walking in a desert.You gain nothing yet, you lost everything.
Such pity life. You can say that.
But as a muslim, what did you do. What did we do.
What do our life worth for?
Yes, we are blessed for this life as a muslim.
But, don't you know that God loves the one who revert to Islam more then the one who is born as a muslim.
Don't that disturb you in some way? Well, not just that, we can't deny the fact that the revert-er is way better then us, who is born as a muslim.
Islam were given to us by our parent. We inherit their religion.
But the revert-er, they search for Islam. They go find it and fight for it.
But, for us everything is so easy. We get it just like that.
That's why God loves them more.
A poor man who achieve wealth by his own is worth to be proud of
than the children that easily inherit their parent's wealth without their own effort.
So as a kid that inherit the wealth from  our parent, what do we do to be better.
To be seen.
Well, there are millions of muslims.. Not just you.
So what makes you so sure that God loves you?
I mean this world is wide there is many people way too better then us.
We do say. we are blessed. We are in the right path and so on.
But what much did we do since we were born to this were blessed life.?
Did we even cover every versus of Al Quran?
Do we know the meaning of every word read. Every word that He says.
Every word that the prophet bring for our light when he is not around anymore.
Did we? When the revert-er already read and understand half of the Quran before they are muslims.
And left only another half. Cause they know that converting to another religion is not a small thing.
Knowing that it is a bliss becoming a muslim, already experience the opposite side of life,
they commit their everyday just for Allah.
Their everyday is filled with iman and taqwa, with heart just for Allah.
They share the knowledge about Islam to everyone.
They want everyone to feel the bliss that they feel.
They spread the news.
We. What did we do? Do we ever care if Islam grow or not? If we pray or not?
Do we even cvare if our own muslim brother and sister pray.?
We do nothing. Nothing at all.
We are so happy for these blessed life that we neglect or maybe forget all our obligation?
I can say that.
So.. As a muslim that is born as a muslim, what did we do that make us so proud to confess saying

"Being a muslim is a bliss cause we are blessed. So let's spread the news. Light up the blessing."
Spreading the news. ~ dahuq95

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