Saturday, 2 February 2013

life is a sacrifice..!

We get something .. We lost something..
Just like business . Maybe we can say life is a business?
Cause business is a sacrifice. To get what you like, you'll have to sacrifice your money..
Just like our life, to get what we want we'll have to sacrifice other thing.
For example,
To get money, we'll have to work.
To smoke, we'll have to sacrifice our health.
To do something of our delight, we'll have to sacrifice our time.
Life is always s sacrifice. In everything we do... We get and we lost.
However, a smart human will definitely do something smarter.
Sacrifice one thing to get double or more..
Picking up the pebbles on the road.
.. Sacrifice our time to safe others and get reward..
Reading the holy book of Quran.
.. Sacrifice our desire to do something else to get peace, lots of reward and blessing from Allah..
Or maybe, helping an old woman crossing the road..
.. Sacrifice our rush, to get her safe, no accident, reward, doa, blessing from Allah n the old lady..
That is already more than 5.
Isn't it smart? I mean it is way too smart..!
So.. life is a sacrifice and a business. Don;t fall for stupid deal.! :)
Lets win this business and win Jannah.
Our AIM is to see our truely lover, ALLAh.
Which is why, we have to win this business.. :D   LET"S DO THIS.. 

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