Friday, 1 February 2013

are we the same as the crab?

Crab and human, can this two different creature be the same?
Are we thae same?
The crab and the human...
Well, we can say that we are just way too different..
Our look, we are different..
Our home, we are different..
Our way of moving, not same at all.
Our way of communicating, not even close..
Is it possible that we are the same in certain aspect?
Well, I say.. We are quite the same..
for example:

This might be happening to the crab..
The child have hard time growing up for their parents have high expectation on them but they know that they definitely can't do that..
And at last the parents give up knowing that it is fated for them to walk horizontally.
It can't be change.
This is what have been done by human that show their stupidity of trying to follow the act of a crab. :)

See? Ain't we the same?
Sometime we are blind to see. We can't even see what we, ourselves are doing.
We just didn't realize that we are doing exactly what we don't want them to .
So how are we going to change others when we ourselves have not change yet.?
Don't get ourselves busy with others matter when we are not settle with our own .
Sometimes we just need to be quiet for a moment and see what is going on, what is the main problem...
cause we can't think when we talk too much yet, we do nothing.. :D


  1. hahaha hey this got me laughing :D
    i mean it's soooo true..especialy the crab thing XD now i REALLY think we're exacty like crabs XD

    1. i know right..! sorry to not notice this comment..!
      i'm working on a malay post..
      hope you like it.. its for a friend..
      just to tell him what i think..
      hope you like it too.. <3