Monday, 4 February 2013

it's just an uneasy.. :)

"I'm lost." "I don't know." "I can't see the light anymore"
"I think God don't love me anymore"
"I guess I'm far away from Him that I just don't know if I can come back."
"I don't know what to do."
"Which path should I take?"
"My life is a mess." "What do I do?"
  "Is it the end for me?"
These are the dialogues that I often said before or maybe now, sometimes..
And most of the time, it happen when I'm feeling down and low self esteem.
Now, I realize that it is not that true..
For exampl,e God will always loves us and it will gradually increases even if we just try to remember Him.
All the dialogues is just an uneasiness.
We just feel uneasy and our mind starts to linger around thinking of unnecessary think.
And we end up putting lots of burden in our brain.
Sometimes, when we are being tested by Allah with test,
we get uneasy and it happens.
To think about it the uneasiness is also a test.
What I'm saying is test is wide.
It can be something good like love, wealth, children and so on.
Or maybe something that we just don't want it to happen like death,bankruptcy or even getting divorce.
It appear in many unexpected way including uneasiness.
Just try our best to try  overcome your uneasiness.
If you're lost, find your way.
Don't know? Ask for help.
Can't see the light? Go get a torch. The light is always bright.
God don't love you? Forget about it. First of all, do you love Him enough?
You're too far, can't come back? Run after Him. You can always come back the door is always open.
Don't know what to do? There is so many things to do. Make yourselves useful.
Confused which path? Come on! Choose the one which is blessed by God.
Your life is a mess? Go fix it up. Why are you still there doing nothing?
What to do? Seek help from Allah.
Is it the end? It is not the end yet till you're dead.
Just think about it friend. He promised us that he is always near. He is near.
Don't act that He is far when we are the one who is trying to get away from him.
If you can't fix the problem, uneasiness by your own, seek help.
Counseling is one of the option but, if your're not open to share with others,
just forget it. Al Quran can be your counselor.
This holy book is a love letter cause it is from our truly lover.
So, just read it! Cause at the moment, the uneasiness will fade away and
you'll experience peace and calm.
 He promised us that who ever remember Him, will experience calm.
And if we remember Him, He'll also will do.

All those feeling is just an uneasiness,
to avoid it, fill our soul with faith in Allah.
If it is already there, remember him and seek help from him.
Pray, dua' and seek blessing from Him. InsyaAllah everything is well..!

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