Thursday, 31 January 2013

small deed..

Everyday, everything that we did or we do will be written.
No matter if it's good deed or bad.
Small or big.
Cheap or expensive.
Since the time you're already a muslim, everything is written, counted.
Either you want or you don't. It will as He say. It will.
When you remember Him in your day, your night,
Every  step, every breath, every blink, every sec. It is all written.
The day when you spend with your friend with your mind focus to do it only for the sake of God not others.
The night when you says lovely words for your love one and love him/her only for God.
Every step that you take to get His bless.
In each breath that you take to live only for God, to seek only His bless.
In every blink, you only see the things He let not the things that He forbid.
In every second when you see through the beauty of this life with your heart loyal to your only God.
Even your niah that nobody know which only He know.
They all will be written in you knlowing or not.
Even though you permit it or not, it wll always be written.
So to this point, that we know every deed will be written, Do not overlook the small deed.
Though it's small. Though it is only a smile that you thought will not make any different.
That you thought will not change or add your opportunity of getting near Him.
Of getting near the very beautuful Jannah where you'll meet him every Friday. :)
Small deed will help you to be the resident of Jannah, so how is it that we could easily forget all of them?

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