Saturday, 26 January 2013

I'm not close. Way too far.!

Sometimes when I walk in this world there is .. proud.
Even i tried hard to push it away..
Then I started thinking..
'What is it that make me really boasting around so much?'
Even when I walk, I talk, the way I just looked at others..
'What is it about me that I'm so proud of?'
'Why? Is it cause everyone don't pray but I do?'
'Am I too close to Him that I end up thinking that way?'
The fact is that the one who is near won't be thinking that way.. They won't be arrogant as I am.
I'm way too far from Him.
I'm too arrogant that I end up thinking that way... and that's the reason.
I'm scared that this so called 'proud' or 'boast' or the right word is 'ria' ريا  will drag me far from Him.
Just then I saw this picture..

To think about it.. I should be proud of being a muslim but not to be so arrogant and push others away..
If they don't pray now.. It doesn't mean that they will be right straight to hell..
There is still time for them.. God is not that wrath . Allah has mercy..
He can give it to anyone He like ..
The question that I'll always ask myself when I'm about to lost my way is:
"Will there be enough time for me to repent later?"
"Would I be the chosen one to get his mercy?"
"Will I live long enough?"
Well, no one knows.. So just keep our faith strong in Allah and never get lost cause we'll be regretting each time we waste.

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