Wednesday, 2 January 2013

alcohol? who need it.. :P

 "Hey man. Know what? today is my birthday, so i was thinking about having a party and as you my best friend, how about buying you a bottle of tequila.
The most expensive one of $ 1 500 00 a bottle. What do you think.?"
"Oh wow.. Happy Birthday man. (hug) 
But I don't think I can make it to tour birthday party.
and I thought you know  I don't drink anymore."
"Oh no man, how come? This is the way we have fun. This is the way to be cool."
"It WAS. "
"And now you're telling me you stop? No way man. No one can stop drinking.
You was my man. You drink a lot but you don't mess up. What's up yaw?"
"Well, things change. I don't think i need to drink to be cool. I'm already cool."
"(sigh) I don't know man, I can't."
"My wife made me stop.
I don't need to get high some people do and some people die.
The life that i leave might not be that long, but while I'm alive i'll be healthy and strong.
I need to get healthy for my wife and our coming child"
"Wow , we're best friend. You never tell me you're goin' to be a dad. Congrats man!"
  A"father" from a church came and ask a muslim guy.
"Why don't you drink alcohol? It is such a waste. Alcohol is cool"
"Also, why don't you eat pork. Pork is better then any other meat."
"Well, why don't you get married? getting married is better then either eating pork or drinking alcohol"
Muslim must be smart and act smart.
Don't let other put you or your religion down.
Standing up for Islam is part of Jihad.! :)

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