Saturday, 19 January 2013

islam is a need not a must! :)

Maybe you are trying.. Trying to deny. 
But...Just stop it.
Cause you just can't. You can't deny the truth.
No matter how hard you tried. You just can't.
So, please try. Try to accept the fact.
Don't deny. No more.
Just accept. Accepting is not a must, it's a need..
It's not a must to know the truth and accept them..
It's a need.. :D. We need to know.
Open your heart and mind. Take a deep breath and think all over again.
Islam is the dean. Dean that we need.
God never force us to accept.
There is no compulsion in islam.

We just need islam as our dean.
We NEED. Not we must.
Allah don't need us.. He himself can stand on his on.
We're the one who need him.
Yeah.. I need you Allah..! <3 


  1. D': waaa~ tears are overflowing... this is so sad.. why~ why~ *hugs you*
    I need Alla too <3

    1. hey.. come here and i'll hug you..
      when r u coming?