Tuesday, 15 January 2013

nEaR. HE is forEver NEar.:B

Every human messed up their own life without they knowing.
We just don't use our day for good thing though we know that the day is coming nearer.
The day that we'll die is getting nearer each day.
Yet, we are still too stubborn to do what we are supposed to do.
We waste our youth for watching movies.
We waste our wealth  for expensive cloth.
We waste our health for smoking.
We waste our knowledge for nothing.
We end our life with nothing.
So, let's turn back and look at this life that we're in.
Are we satisfied with who we are?
Will He be satisfied?
Would He bless us?
It's His blessing that we need.
We once promise that He will be our only God.
That we'll love Him the most.
That we LIVE only for ALLAH.
Did we accomplish any of those?
Did we?
Well, we have not complete all of them.
Allah said that He is always near.

What He said is true. Forever true. Not one lie.
We promised that we'll believe.
So, why don't we now?
Just put our trust on Him. He's there. Always listening.
Always looking. Always there.
Why? Why can't we see? Why can't we see that He's near. That He always love us
Are we so blind?
He's near. Just try. Try to turn to Him. Repent.
Try, cause He looks forward for your effort .
We try, we pray, He'll help. Don't it seems simple? 
Yes it is. Always were. He made it simple for us.

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