Tuesday, 15 January 2013

mAkE iT gO0D ..!

Yes, it seems like everyday is different.
Everyday have it's own cloud, wind, thunder, and lightning.
I can't say it but sometimes we do feel fed up that there is always problems that comes and sometimes it leaves us clueless.
We can't predict what is going to happen, how it will be ending.
We tried to figure it out. Why? What will come? Who?
Why? because we are humans, slave that are created by ALLAH.
We are weak.
That's the fact that we have to accept.
Also, we are strong.
Muslims are stronger then other human.
Smile as wide as you can cause we are His slave.
Don't you feel great for being His slave.
Slave of the almighty.
Created by Him. Loved by Him.
We are special that we have the priority.
He is gracious to every one.
He gives most everything to everyone.
If you look through you'll see. :)
But, He is only merciful to the muslims.
He gives us IMAN that is precious.
(: sMiLe CaUsE tHiS iS lIfe :)

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