Monday, 7 January 2013

cry? why?

Humans HAVE to cry.
Sometimes we cry so much, we cry everyday.
But do we figure out why we cry? Should we cry?
What is it for? Any benefit ?

Is it for the world that surely gonna end anyway?

Or is it for someone that must die?

Is it for a relationship that will end anyhow ?

Do we ever think of crying for something that last forever?

Do we ever think of crying for ALLAH?

Our life, our day, our night, our pray, our sleep, our deeds either its small or big,  it is for Allah.

But why can't we cry for Him?

Said we love Him but yet, we never cry for Him.

Even a non muslim cry when hear His call..
when hear his words.
but again, why can't us?


  1. okay i'm totally touched :')
    but that's a good point though :)
    keep up the good work blog uhuhu` :)