Tuesday, 22 January 2013

" L(O.o)VE "

Love is something that is so complex, so wide, so big.
Yet, so cold sometimes..
For love, someone can hurt, can kill, can die...

We dare to give him/her anything..
We sacrifice everything..
"I cut myself for you.. Isn't it enough to show you how much I love you?"
Even our most precious gift from Allah..
"We promise to live a long life together but if you die. If God take you earlier, 
I'll kill myself so that we can be together in the next life."
Sometimes, Love gives us strength.
"With you by my side, no one can knock me down. Even God can't"
Love can make us blind.
"Not God nor death can separate us."
Make us lost our way.
"You are my life.. If you die, it's like the light is taken away from me I can't see, I can't live."
Love is actually simply a test.
Our big, wide, complex test that can kill, hurt or  makes us simply blind and lost our way that we sacrifice everything and lastly choose to die..
But that's not all..
LOve for the sake of Allah will grunt us happiness forever..
We are given a test that we can simply get through it if we depends on Allah.:)
He helps us by sending us the beautiful love letters (the holy book of Quran)
He even send our prophet which is His lover into this wild world just to guide us along.
To help us even more, he send the imam and wali to show us the way.

Love is not just a painful test, it is infact a beautiful test.
Test that give us pleasure in this life and hereafter.
Test that pull us away from the jahiliyyah..
Test that keep us awake with the great hold of iman.
Test that keep us near to Him.
Test that keep us nearer to the true lover.
The lord, Allah.
Test that we simply need..
LoVe Is A nEeD nOt A mUsT

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