Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I'll be leaving soon

They say that I'll die 
they say the time will come
it's very near 
just wait 

That's what I can't do
I can't wait 
I can never wait
I'll do something
I said I'll do
yet till now I'm just waiting
not realizing how fast time has passed
years had gone

ほんとに こわい
Thinking about this waiting period
it is scary
the time will come 

It is just unfortunate 
that we don't know 
when the time will come
when our time will end

A moment
I prayed to know 
prayed to die with sign
with pain as a sign
they say it's unlucky
they say pain won't help
they say it's me who have to work hard

I just wanted to be ready
to get ready to leave
the pain can tell 
that I'm on my way 
I'm going back home already

Instead of waiting 
for the time to come
for the signs to come
I pretended 
I'm the pain
I'm suffering the pain 
struggle to overcome this disease
the disease that me myself created
my dunya is a pain (dunya: this world)
my dunya is my disease  
it's my jihad to overcome myself.

eyes speak for a thousand words

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