Wednesday, 12 December 2012

the wind as a reminder.

apt blk 206A is where i leaves. i'm high high and near to the sky.
yes, the wind is very strong and wild.
December  makes it windy much more.
the wind blow through. the curtain seems like flying .
it went out the window and swings  beautifully..
it make me question myself : how can it moves but nobody touches..?
sometimes.. this question seems stupid but this is what it is.. reality..
how can i receive message from anyone through my phone..?
how can i write and this alien called INTERNET send this message to my blog..?
this is proved by science..?
how the scientistfound out about molecule of gas and what ever else ?
this goes the same to GOD..
Allah.. i can't see you.. but i know you are always there .
i can feel your presence ..
just the same way i know that the INTERNET are there but i just can't see it..
and now i know everything that GOD created are for some reasons..
sometimes.. its just to remind me that you are always there..<3