Friday, 14 December 2012

what do you hope for..?

sometimes we hope for so many things
something big. something cool. something that seems impossible.
something ridiculous such as : i wanna be a super hero like spider man or maybe cat woman .
i wanna fly like the birds or maybe i wanna be a bird so i can break free..
duh..! just stop that . we should instead hope for a calm home, happy family, good career or maybe being a millionaire? just something that won't waste your time.
hope for something that brings good to yourself and others. :)
hoping would help but just hoping won't help.
means hope and struggle to get it.
the best is when you are trying and when you succeed,
never forget everyone around you.
this will help to get the bless from ALLAH and everyone around.
cause this is what life is all about. :D
so, what do you dream for..?

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