Friday, 24 May 2013

Just like that?

This heart can't stop beating.
Its beating so hard. 
Every beat, so fast.
Its trying to tell me how uneasy it is.
But, I can't understand.
Oh, why?

Bup bup bip bip bup!
Its beating harder, harder than ever.
Oh why?
What am I doing to deserve this punishment? 

Why would this heart feel this way?
Why can't it just stay calm?

Who shold I ask to?
I'm so hurt that I just can't think.

Everything happens for some reason.
My heart beats this hard also for some reson.
There must be reason for it to do so..

Do we know n do we realise how something is a sin for us?
Do we know? 
Yes, maybe we know but sometimes, we forget or maybe we just try to forget them for we are blinded by the beauty of dunya that we somehow forget His beauty.
Our hearts know if what we're doin is right or wrong. And thats why they beat so fast. So hard. Just to wake us up from our dream. Just to bring us back to this reality.

So, if it beats hard, just like that, in one fine day without you trying so you know why.

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