Saturday, 1 June 2013


In the morning, there will always be an alarm clock to wake us up. Either it is a real alarm clock or a moving alarm. No matter how much we don't want it to ring, it will surely ring.
Wake up, there is someone next to us.
Pray, there is somone to pray with.
Using the washroom, there is always queing.
Eating, there is always someone else's food that we will take and pretend innocent.
Using the laptop, there is always someone to quarrel with..
Doing assignment, there is always someone to give answers.
Tired, there is always soneone to make us sweat more.
Going away, there is always someone that keep us coming back home.
Turning off the phone, there is always someone that keep us turning it  back on.
Feeling  bored, there is always someone who fill our day with excitement.
Feeling sleepy , there is always soneone who will keep us awake.
Closing our eyes, we know that they will always be there for us tomorrow, either we wish for or we don't.

Wow! How our life is so complete..
Someone to help us out.
Someone to ease our tough day.
Someone to accompany.
Also, someone to make our life harder.
What else do we ask for?

How could we ask for a better companions when we have never be a perfect one?

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