Friday, 12 July 2013

stranger.. I am.

Somehow, its sad to hear and see how others make their own perspective about Islam though they know nothing about it.
Without even bothering to ask or research about Islam, they simply make some conclusion out of what they see and they read.
How can we just judge a book by it's cover?
How can we just make a conclusion out of something we don't know?
How can we make conclusion of an experiment without even starting an experiment?
We can't just predict and write a report out of it without conducting an experiment?
It will be a total mess.

Maybe they did do research and studies about Islam.
Studying a religion is to find for their guidance.
What guide them? What book?
Study the book, the religion. And not their follower.
Cause human is neither perfect nor flawless.
Human have hearts, mind, body and lust that keep being the main enemy of the soul! ask
Keep asking for more.
Keep asking for pleasure.
The mind is says No but the heart says Yes.
Its a complete mess.
Human Make Mistake All The Time.
A degree student cannot ask a chemistry question  to a literature teacher, just because she once studied chemistry during high school.
It will end up disappoint himself.

All non Muslims  have an opportunities to be a Muslim.
It is a Muslim's responsibility to help them out.
To show them what Islam is.
Cause honestly speaking, its hard to avoid others from judging the religion by it's followers.
The least that a person can do is showing great example.

Just to remind:
Islam began as a stranger and it will return to being a stranger, so blessed are the strangers.”

:) may Allah bless us all (:

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