Tuesday, 18 March 2014

For the Yesterday that I hope had never happen.

While I'm doing some work and perhaps some thinking too, I came to realize that I am never grateful of anything. All the blessing that He gives. There are just too much that they starts clouding my eyes, blurred them. To the extend that I tends to forget where I am supposed to be. What I am supposed to do. The promises that I made. I make more every single day not realizing how I abandoned all of them everyday. Never accomplished any of them. How shameful it is to have all those debts unpaid.
There are times when I want compliment so badly from the love ones and just when they give it, I feel insulted. "Have they never see me doing this before? Is it a new thing that I'm doing?" I asked to myself "What is wrong with them?" when the question I'm supposed to ask myself is "What is wrong with me?" 
Pointing hands is what we do to feel better. What we do when we already know we are to be blamed. When the responsibility is in our own shoulder. When our mind is not at ease. Our heart and soul are far from where they should be. Far from God. 
To blame the noise when we can't study, to blame the house for being small, to blame the clock when we are late, to blame a friend when we were given detention. It's not their fault for us being weak. It's not their fault for us not being able to handle the situation.
To blame our parents for the way we were brought up is just like blaming God for creating a tough test for us. The time had passed. There is nothing that we can do but regret what is yesterday and make a better today. It's a faith that we can't change now as it already happened. 
A past to remember. 
A past that we shouldn't repeat. 
A past called yesterday.  
An example for a better tomorrow.

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