Monday, 17 March 2014

more than usual

I would never let anyone change me
It will never happen
Why would I want to change myself for the sake of  'OTHERS'?
Why can't them? Why not them?
Why do I always have to give up and let the surrounding change me?
Why can't I change it instead?

Sometimes change is not always bad.
Sometimes we need to change ourselves to someone better
to get to the place we once dreamt of
Sometimes we need to change ourselves to change the surrounding to what we admired
We need a wing to fly high
We need a stronger limbs to climb the mountain
We need a louder voice for the whole world to listen
We need to work more to succeed
We need to aim to get a perfect shot
We need to do more than what we can
We'll have to push the limit to reach the goal
We'll have to get out of our comfort zone to achieve it.
To achieve all of them

To attain peace and tranquility, a bit of change is sure useful
Changing is not giving up,
It is a sign that we still have faith in this life, the day after it and in God.
A sign that we are still giving our best
Being afraid of change is similar to being afraid of growing up
A change worth more than what we expect it to be.

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