Tuesday, 24 June 2014

be ready for poverty and misfortune as a lover.

LOVE by dahuq95
They speak, they say.
I can't stop them from saying
Their words keep shooting
I can't help it but keep my ears close
Keep these eyes close so I can't read their lips
Please stop
She is my friend
I can't stab her from her back
I can't say a word about her
I can't bring myself to it
But I'm too coward to walk away
Cause they are also my friends.

They say they hate her
Would they say the same behind my back?
About them hating all of me
About how coward I am
About how I stutter in between my words
How I jump my lines
How not friendly I am
How clingy I can be.

Thinking about this disgust me
As always
Human are never perfect
I can't have high expectation on them or myself
All of it will fall back to ground
He have always been there
No matter what happen He will never leave us
Why not put all my hope and love for Him?
The All Seeing, The All Loving, Most Merciful
Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He).
No matter how high it is it won't fall
We could fall but we can climb back up
But our hope for Him will forever grow.
Know that when we are lovers of The Prophet Muhammad,
we have to be ready for poverty.
And when we are lovers of Allah,
we have to be ready for misfortune.

Love of Allah and love of His Messenger are linked to poverty and misfortune. This is why some of the righteous have said: "Misfortune is assigned to friendship, lest it be merely pretended." If it were not so, everyone would claim to love Allah( Almighty and Glorious is He), so He has made constancy in the face of misfortune and poverty an indication of such love.
Shaikh Abd Al-Qadir Al-Jilani, from the book Al-Fath ar-Rabbani (The Sublime Revelation)
Translated from the Arabic by Muhtar Holland, Al- Baz Publishing.
First Discourse, Pg 17. 

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