Friday, 4 July 2014

the will he left for you to read

'my life may end' by dahuq95
For he who went through a lot
for him who felt annoyed by the 'outsiders'
who know him not
walk on the road with him never
all they said was they know
for him who I loved.

They said, they understand
though he knew they didn't
though they know they didn't
they say it's okay, it's easy, just do it
though he knows it's the hardest
it would take quite long,
it bleed him inside
only if their words can stop
that time from ticking.

Don't say you understand when you don't
I'm afraid it would make him feel even bad
cause he knew everyone have faith written
and it's all different
a hug or a kiss would be much better
he would feel stronger with your warmth
hold him and let him know you are there
a word of love would have been much comforting

Don't leave him
cause this maybe his end
his last days
you may not see him again
he may leave you forever
for his cut is too deep
pain is him.

For them who don't understand
a will that he left for you to read
for you to understand
so that you know the pain
that he was drown in
not a human can swim to take him back
for the water was an endless roller coaster.

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