Sunday, 21 April 2013


Step by step. Moving fast. Very fast.
The fact that she don't like missing the train make her rush.
Though there is nothing to run for.
No important place to go.
Nobody waiting for her return.
Run run run for the train.
Looking at this girl might irritate you.
How she rush anywhere she go.
With her Mickey Mouse leather bag.
Long cloth covering her.
What a mess.
She don't know how to dress up, you might say.
Or maybe the fact that she don't want to stand out.
Don't wanna be seen by anyone, stay low?
She wanna be a pale lover. Maybe?

She ran too much that she got easily tired when she stop.
You might see her sleeping or trying hard not to sleep.
Her eyes almost closed but they opened right back.
She can't sleep. Not that she can't but she don't wanna sleep.
Afraid of falling into a deep pond of sleep.
Afraid of missing her station.
Knowing that she is sleepy, she turn the volume high.
'Wake up my heart. Don't fall asleep.
This is a race. Life is a race.'
She thought that she is just being so hard to herself.
'Or maybe life is more then a race.
Life is love. I'm here for His love.
I'll return to meet my love. After all we live twice.
We can still have fun in Paradise where we'll live forever.'

The train stopped.
She was there already where she should be.
Now she walk fast but not running.
Just a slow run.
She tapped her card and walk.
The sun was up. No cloud as companion.
It stood there shining high alone.
The weather was extreme.
Under that cloth, she was sweating.
It was flooding in there but no one knew.
No one knew except for her Lover.
Her Lover that knows everything though she never met Him.
But, she could feel Him.
Everyday, every hour, every second even in her every breath.

She took the path in the car park.
It was dark but she don't care embracing the dark rather than being under the dry air.
She hate sunny day.
How she love rainy days so much.
Having all her cloth wet for the cold rain.

Indeed it was dark.
She walk passing few cars.
Then, she heard the van.
The white van.
Suddenly, scare harm her.
Scare like she never felt before.

Somehow, the van remind her of the van that kidnapper used to kidnap.
She ran.
The sound was getting higher.
The van was growling louder.
It was getting nearer.
It scare me more.
I run across the cars.
The van was still there.
'Is it following me?
I don't wanna die.
I still have a lot sins to seek for forgiveness.
Much more repentant to do.
Oh my God, will be in the newspaper tomorrow in the list of lost teenagers?'
She ran fast that she didn't notice the exit.
She leaned against the wall.
Looking down at her shoe.
She was about to cry.
She held her fist high.
Ready to fight.
'I'll get through this. I can do this.
I'll fight till the end.'
Her gaze was still low.
When the growl was close, she held his gaze.
But all she saw was the van moving away.
'Oo, it was not after me.'
She laughed.
They are not after me!'
'How could I be that foolish? Why would they want me?'
She smiled all the way.

She walk out of the car park.
The hot sun killed her.
She walk slowly.
Slowly back home.
Still have 200 meters to walk.
She switched off the walkman which is a miracle.
She never switch it off when walking.
That day was different.
She just felt like she have to.
For no reason, she have to.
Her house was quite an empty place.
No one was there.
Only the unpleasant construction's noise accompanying her.

Taking a step crossing the road, she sighed.
Another tiring day.
She took another step not noticing the lorry coming from the construction area.
The lorry's growl wake her up from her dream.
She look around and saw the lorry coming. It was fast.
She move back.
The lorry moved passed her.
Her eyes were wide.
She was shocked.
'I almost get hit by the lorry.
I almost die. Almost.
I would not see that lorry coming if I can't hear the growl. And if I was using that walkman, I would be dead by now.
Oo, now I understand why He asked me to switch if off.'
Looking up to the sky, she smiled.
Thank you for everything.
Not only for today.
For everything.

For this life that I not notice.
For your gifts that I closed my eyes to see..
For your religion that I turned away from it.
Praise be to You.
My love.

~a past to share~

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  1. Funny and meaningfull. Comel lah adib ni. Lol.
    A fantastic touch till the end.
    White van...