Wednesday, 3 April 2013

| wake up! | I don't just love them, I love you too. |

I once said I'm free from K-pop.
I'm free from Jahiliyyah.
I'm not addicted anymore to the korean dramas but this week.
It maybe hard to say NO but let's try together!
I get myself back to the jahiliyyah life.
I bring myself to that.
Nobody did. Nobody ask. Nobody force.
It was me who bring myself.
I knew it was wrong, but I did.
When I was watching I knew.
I knew that I was the one who is pulling myself there.
I was bringing myself nearer to negligent.
Near to hell.
Cause the moment I start I knew it will be hard to stop.
But still for the pleasure that will never last I did..
My heart was so hard like a stone that I want to obey myself but not Allah.
I was Stupid..

Just when the drama started to the climax, I stop.
I tried. Cause when I watch, there is no pleasure for it.
He is calling me. He says stop. Stop my love.
You will never find pleasure in them.

He did just as every time I'm bringing myself far.
Just as when I rush to the phone after prayer, the wifi will never work.
Then I realise, He loves me. He wants me to have time to remember Him.
Ooo Allah, how much You love me that I seem to not see.
How I pretended to be that blind though my eyes is seeing.

How ungrateful I am to bring myself far,
when He is trying to bring me near.
When He is trying to make a place for me in Jannah.
When He is trying to make me see His beauty.
His beauty that I was longing for.
Die for.
And now that I try to forget that, He pull me nearer.
Nearer to Him.
Though I'm running away from Him.

Can't I still not see what He is showing?
Why am I acting to be this blind when my family is dying.
When they are struggling to live.
But here, nothing I can do.
Our spirit will never die!
So, should I still be blind and continue watching my Korea Drama?

Ya, my family is dying.
My family in Syria, Palestine, in Thailand.
They are all dying.
They were killed, murdered, slaughtered.
My sisters are raped, they are humiliated.
My children are killed when they are still small..
When I'm still here to watch them die.

Are they calling themselves Muslim when they are killing their own family?
Are you still a muslim, Basyar?
Even a women is promised hell fire for killing a cat.
What about those who chopped head?
Head of human.
How do you call yourselves humans when you are killing your own kind?

They are too small to be killed.
How can I call myself a human when I let them killed.
Yet, here I'm watching korfean drama?
How can I call them families?
How am I to call myself part of the family?
I let them die when I did nothing to protect them.

My family were forced to prostrate a killer.
They forced us to prostrate to a photo of Basyar.
A killer of our family.
They are shameless to call themselves a muslim.

I'm lost. I cry. I could do nothing to help them.
What change can I make when I can't change myself?
What change can we make when we are too busy watching k-pop?
Can we help?
Thought nothing I can do but at least we can pray for them

Before it was Palestine. They are still killed till now.
But there was nothing I did.
Now , it's Syria.
Still, I  did nothing.
Just waiting for others to make a move first when they are also waiting for me to make the first move.
How fool am I?

Hey syabab(teen)! Wake up.
Yes, sure we can say
"We are still young and there is still many beautiful things to see.
Many beautiful things to touch.
Till a time come we will make that change."
But are there still time for us?
Are we sure that we will for another day?
Are we sure we will wake up alive tomorrow?
Are we so sure?

We wait to get old to realise.
But, we never realise that by the time we are old, there are nothing left.
Nothing left for us to work for.
Why are we being so greed to enjoy every thing to our own?
What about our children?
Will we want them to live is a life of a war?
A life where PEACE is never known.
Never exist?
Never spoken?

Come on, I'm begging you.
Let's do it together.
To you, they may not be your family.
But for me, they are.
Can't you help me just this once?
They need me. They need us.
All of us.
I can't do it on my own.
It will never work.
Can you just do it for the sake of my family?
I need your help.
Cause only together we can make this change.

I love them and would like to visit their palace in heaven.
Thought it will be nice if you are there with us..
Cause I don't just love them, I love all of you too..

Speaking for my family in Palestine, Syria, and South Thailand.

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  1. Dear dahuq95, lah tahzan. InsyaAllah with every little effort you make you're helping your family. Remember when nabu Yunus was burnt? A small bird carried water in its beak to put out that fire. He knew that it had no effects on the fire as it was miraculously raging but he did not stop because he knew that his small effort counts in the eyes Allah. I've aldo posted something in my blog. You're the inspiration. Can you have a look? :)