Sunday, 8 September 2013


Yesterday was the best day ever in my life.
The day that I got to actually rediscover surah Al- Fatihah by Brother Nouman Ali Khan himself.
He came to Singapore for the lecture and it was super awesome!
What we think about surah Al- Fatihah is not just what we think. It is more. Much more than that. It's incredible.
Well, I'm sort of promoting Bayyinah TV to you guys. Please subscribe! It is so cheap and you can just watch it everyday every time. You can share the password with your family! You're paying less than $9 per month for the whole family. How cool is that? There is tafseer lecture, you can learn arabic and many more. All in a very simple way. My sister subscibes for our family so I know how worth it is.

I've told you so, it is up to you guys now to decide!

Here is an examples of Tafseer lecture that he gave in

You guys can have a sneak peak of it in youtube for more.
If you want to subscribe or watch the sneak peak of the Arabic lecture,
here is the link : Bayyinah.TV .
Hope you guys subscribe!

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