Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Best Gift!

Few days back, I talk about change and how I want to change this world starting by changing myself.
What encourage me more is seeing my sister actually change! She was different before. She used to watch movies a lot, hear all kind of music and do what most of the others do. I remembered that she used to pray very fast :). But at one point, she change! Well, everyone has their turning point. Hers was really a complete change. I am so proud of her that I can't describe how grateful I am.

I don't know what makes she change but as far as I know, she starts hearing lectures from scholars and get amazed by Brother Nouman Ali khan's talk and she kept watching his talk that it actually changes her. All praise and thanks to Allah!. She change a lot that she starts to read quran everyday, learn tafseer and arabic. She prays well do rawathib. I was like WOW! Now, I am amazed by her! This make me realize and learn.

I kept asking myself everyday. Why can she change but why can't I?
Why can she be someone better but why can't I?
Allah promised me that He will help. But His help will only come after we try.
So, I tell myself, this means I have not try my best yet.
Allah can't be lying. It is impossible that He break His promise.

Well, if I say O Allah help me, I don't want to watch dramas anymore, it can't be possible until I myself stop watching. Stop and Allah will protect me from the addict.
If I keep saying O Allah, show me the path, but I do nothing, It won't make sense. I will have to search and read. Then, Allah will help me in understanding because guidance is belongs to Him. We try and He decide if He want to give the guidance or not all base on how much we try and our trust on Allah cause Allah says that He is what His slave think. If we think that He will not forgive us, He will never do. If we think that He is always there for us, He will always guide us. He will forever be there and guide us.
After all, He is the Owner and we are His slave..
We are so blessed to be His slave. The best gift!

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