Monday, 23 December 2013


December arrived, that is when I was borned :D
The weather have been pretty cold and windy which is a perfect combo for me cause I like it chilly. When I watch and see the reaction of humans towards these changes, it's kinda shocking. Weather is something given to us by God, something that only He can change. We can't make summer when it's snowing outside. We can't make the sun shine when it's raining. That is the reality that we have to first accept.

          We were so angry that it was hot outside and we were sweating. When we were blessed with a cold weather, we whine around saying that the cold was going to freeze us and we will die. Why do we have to be so fussy? Can't we just accept what we have for now? Are we God to decide what is best for the world? If we really can't take the weather, just make a move. If you can't, maybe that is the best for you. Just try to accept the fact that we are the slave. Slave to God. Slaves don't rule everything. Slaves take orders. We have to take and accept what is given. At least we are given something. So many things are given to us free.
          He gives us our body that we can't simply buy anywhere. It's priceless. The heart beat that is still pounding. Can you imagine where will we be if it stops? Will we be dead? Yes, of course we will. Just the things inside us, They are all amazing. Imagine what we are with any of them missing. Maybe we will not die but we are missing some part of us now. Won't we feel incomplete?

          If you are really feeling so hot, sweating or maybe too cold that you're freezing, just hang in there for a while cause when time comes, it will be either colder or hotter. For now, just enjoy the moment cause it is a Cycle. :D

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