Wednesday, 18 December 2013


That abusive words you say
That thing that you use to hit her
Those are what make the monster she is today
Don't blame her for being a child that she is

A child who follow her desire
Child who you were before
What she is now
is nothing worst than what we was

Your reaction were unpredictable
Maybe you should read the Ruqyah to yourself
I think there might be a jinn in you
Causes such anger
Or are you tired?
As in I'm not tired at all?
Not tired of All your bullshit?
Think about it again.

No need for such pain
She grew up in much pain already
Don't compare yours and hers
What God created for us are never the same
That is what you can cope with
You are strong
But you can't expect her to be as you

I respect you as you are
Blame me for not having the courage
To tell you how it is wrong
To tell you how I am not agree with what you did
Yes, I am weak
Forgive me for that~

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