Monday, 23 December 2013


What were you thinking?
When you shut me off like that
I was just being another of us
I was just explaining my confusion
Was I going against the rule?
Isn't being cruel going against the rule then?
Ridiculous it is

I can't talk 
Cause it's meaningless say you
Yet your vacant words are meaty?
Through all that dreadful killing phrase you said
I was patient 
Only this once
I expressed my curiosity, 
My anxiety 
Can't you just listened?
As much as I listened to you
Can't you

Those hurting phrase
I tried to ignore them
Tried to shut them off
But they keep coming
What is there left for me to do?
I can't shut my ear with these fingers
Cause its already in me
Flowing in me - firm

You told me to set a good example
But I can't find any good in you
Which example am I to follow?
Shutting me off like that
When I was questioning your example
Should I shut you off too 
When You question mine?

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